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When should we start our invitation process and place our order?

If you’re ordering from our Signature Designs, the process can take 5-6 weeks and for Custom Designs, it can take anywhere from 4-5 months. There are a a few factors that can affect the timing, such as the extent of revisions, the speed at which we receive comments, as well as the complexity of your design. We recommend that you contact us as early as possible as we do book quickly during peak wedding seasons.

Rush Orders

We realize that circumstances may require you need invitations sooner than our typical turn around time. We do offer rush service, which allows us to ship within 5 business days from final design approval for a 50% upcharge. If you do require rush service, please contact us as soon as possible to confirm that the service is available at the time of your order.

When should I mail out my...

Save the Dates

We recommend sending save the dates 6 months before your event date for local weddings and up to 8-12 months in advance for destination weddings. Save the Dates typically outline your names, the event date, and the event location. For destination weddings, you may also include travel information, although it is not necessary.

Wedding Invitations

For local weddings, we recommend sending your invitations 6-8 weeks before your wedding date. For destination weddings, invitations should be mailed out 2-3 months in advance in order to allow your family and friends enough time to make travel arrangements.
Thank You Notes

The proper etiquette is to mail thank you notes within 2 weeks of receiving a gift. However, if you’re behind it’s always better late than never.

Birth Announcements
Announcements can be mailed anywhere from 6-12 months after the birth of your child. Since most parents are quite busy after the birth, we recommend that you start your order in advance of the due date.

How do I know how many invitation sets to order? 

Guest lists almost always change and expand, so we highly recommend ordering 25 extra invitations. Remember that only 1 invitation per household is required so you will not need 1 invitation per guest on your guest list. It is also important to remember that it is more cost effective to order more invitation sets up front than it is to reprint sets after the initial run. It’s also nice to have a few extras for keepsakes.

Calligraphers often require additional envelopes. Even if you're addressing your your own invitations, you may want to give yourself a few extra envelopes for errors. We include an extra 10% addressable envelopes with your order, but you can always order extra envelopes on top of this if you need them.

Do you do bilingual or international invitations in other languages?

Absolutely! We can design invitations in most any language. Check out some of our bilingual invitations in our portfolio. We do ask that you provide all of the text and carefully proof-read the text - while we love to immerse ourselves in many cultures, unfortunately we’re not masters of foreign languages.



I want to use a custom color not available in your swatches, can you match this?

Yes - send us an image or mail us a swatch of the item you’d like us to color match. We can mix custom inks for an additional $50 and will do our best to match your color to the nearest Pantone color.

What is letterpress printing?

Letterpress is the oldest form of technical printing, and to us, one of the most beautiful art forms practiced. It dates back to the 15th century, an era where printers reveled in the quality of their work spent countless hours perfecting their trade. It is a relief printing process where reverse images are inked and pressed into paper, creating a beautiful and tactile impression in the paper. Because we print on antique presses, each piece is unique and contains subtle differences that gives this printing process its beauty.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a more cost efficient alternative to letterpress. Our digital prints are printed on some of the same papers used for letterpress on a high end professional ink jet printer.

Can I see a letterpress printed proof of my invitation prior to production?

Unfortunately we don't offer letterpress proofs of your order.  We will email you a color PDF, which outlines all the pieces in your suite. Depending on your design, you will also receive 2-4 free rounds of revisions to the proofs (see our Design section for details), to make sure your design is 100% to your liking before we go to press. We highly suggest that you purchase samples of the design that you’re interested in so that you can see our paper, see the design in print, and also see what the inks look like when letterpress printed. If you have specific concerns about the design and letterpress process, feel free to give us a call or email us.



I’m on a tight budget. How can I keep my prices down?

We understand that every couple is on a budget so we want to work with you to create your dream invitation suite within your desired budget! Here are a few suggestions for thought:

1. One color versus two. We’re flexible and you can mix and match the number of colors for most of our Signature Designs. If you really want 2 colors, prioritize the pieces that your guests will keep (invitation + directions), and choose a 1 color print for elements that will come back to you (response cards).

2. Response Cards versus Postcards. In the modern day, more and more couples are choosing to provide response postcards in lieu of the traditional response card with envelope. It not only saves on postage, but there’s no need to purchase a corresponding envelope. If you’re feeling extra sustainable, many people often opt out of the post card all together and allow guests to respond on their website. You can even print the response information at the bottom of your invitation which eliminates the response card and envelope.

3. Website Card. In this tech savvy era, much of the information you will convey to your guests can be found on a website. Instead of providing a directions and response card, you can direct guests to your website with a smaller card.  

4. Mix and match printing methods. We do offer the option to digitally print some of your pieces to complement your letterpress items. We color match all of the digitally printed items to your chosen letterpress ink(s). We also digitally print your items on the same paper stock to ensure the suite feels like one. You can always contact us to discuss the various options.

What if I need to send my calligrapher envelopes ahead of time?

No problem! Just let us know on your order form. We can either ship the envelopes to you or ship them directly to your calligrapher.



Postage is based on the invitation weight, which varies based on the content included. We recommend that you take your final invitation suite to your local post office and ask them to verify the correct postage. You can also check for specifics.

Do you ship internationally? What’s the additional cost?

Yes - we ship all international orders via UPS (varies depending on destination). Please note that you will be responsible for all import duties and taxes. Please check with your local customs office about your landing costs and any rules and regulations.

What’s your cancellation and return policy?

We are whole-heartedly committed to your happiness. We commit ourselves to delivery the utmost quality to our clients. However, if something isn’t right, we will do everything in our ability to rectify it. If you decide to cancel your order before your final proof, we will only retain your initial 50% deposit. If you decide to cancel your order after your final proof, we retain the right to keep your full deposit. If any errors are discovered after final approval, we are required to charge for any reprints. Returns are not accepted on any of our invitation suites, or social stationery due to the custom nature of our product.